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OpenWonga is a place to discover more about Wonga, the digital finance company. It’s a look behind the curtains of one of Europe’s fastest growing technology businesses and offers our take on relevant issues.

We want to share facts to help inform the debate surrounding the company, air views from people who use our service and discuss where Wonga fits into the future of finance.

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As one of the most high-profile businesses in the finance sector, we attract a broad range of views on what we do. Here's our factual take on some of the hot topics involving Wonga.

'Twitter Takedown' request

In response to the tweets over the weekend, we wanted to clear a few things up.

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Check out the opinions here of some of the many people who use Wonga's service. This is our platform for Wonga customers to give their open, unpaid for and unscripted views.



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We want to help inform the debate surrounding the future of finance, and provide some context for where Wonga fits into the financial landscape. If you have any questions, or want to know more about our products and services, please drop us a line on


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