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Wonga Group announces new Group Chief Financial Officer

Wonga Group is pleased to announce that Paul Miles will be joining the company as Chief Financial Officer, following completion of Arrow Group’s acquisition of The Capquest Group, which is...

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Customer forbearance programme - an update

As promised, we contacted all customers who are part of our forbearance programme last Friday (10 October) via email to let them know how they’d been affected and the next steps.

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Wonga announces major customer forbearance programme and strengthens affordability checks to ensure sustainable lending

Wonga Group today announces significant changes to its UK consumer loans business,, including:

• A major customer forbearance programme

• A strengthening of the lending...

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Wonga Group full year results for the 12 months to December 31 2013

Wonga Group today publishes its 2013 Annual Results, which show that pre-tax profits are down by 53% to £39.7m.

The decline in profits was driven by remediation costs related to historic debt...

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