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As one of the most high-profile businesses in the finance sector, we attract a broad range of views on what we do. Here's our factual take on some of the hot topics involving Wonga.

Which? campaign to ‘clean up credit’

Our regular customer surveys continue to show that most people use Wonga because of the control, convenience and transparency of the service, but the recent Which? campaign to “clean up the entire credit market” also backs up the other rarely told truth about our consumer product:

People often use Wonga because of the price.

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12 Portraits

One of the UK’s most respected filmmakers has been invited to go behind the headlines at Wonga, with a brief to tell the story of our customers.

BAFTA-nominated Gary Tarn, best known for Black...

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In the news

There has been plenty more coverage about Wonga again over the last week or so, following the publication of our annual results.

This was the first time we announced our results to the media,...

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Wonga's annual report: 2012

Today we published our first annual report, showing expansion and growth across the Wonga Group.

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Wonga and Newcastle United: the season kicks off

Date article publshed: 19/08/2013 Read original article >

BBC Radio 4 last week featured a 40-minute documentary, The Lending Game, about Wonga’s new partnership with Newcastle United Football Club. The balanced programme covered a range of issues,...

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