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As one of the most high-profile businesses in the finance sector, we attract a broad range of views on what we do. Here's our factual take on some of the hot topics involving Wonga.

Complaints against short-term lenders

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On 27th February 2013, the Financial Times published an article outlining a rise in the number of complaints against ‘payday lenders’.

According to the article, ‘The National Debtline has reported a 94 per cent increase' in calls relating to problems with such loans in 2012. The newspaper name-checked Wonga.

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Wonga's annual report: 2012

Today we published our first annual report, showing expansion and growth across the Wonga Group.

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In the news

There has been plenty more coverage about Wonga again over the last week or so, following the publication of our annual results.

This was the first time we announced our results to the media, despite no requirement to do so, in keeping with our values of being open and transparent.

As ever there were plenty of opinions about the business and the role it plays in the financial landscape, with well over a hundred articles and plenty of social media discussion. Here’s a summary of the main pieces and our take on some of them.

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12 Portraits

One of the UK’s most respected filmmakers has been invited to go behind the headlines at Wonga, with a brief to tell the story of our customers.

BAFTA-nominated Gary Tarn, best known for Black Sun, an award-winning documentary about blind author Hugues de Montalembert, and The Prophet, a film based on the best-selling book by Kahlil Gibran and narrated by Thandie Newton, will explore the real stories behind why people borrow money from Wonga to produce a modern, authentic and relevant portrait of British life today.

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Wonga economy

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We don’t accept the picture of Wonga and our customers painted by Ed Miliband today, which rehashes many of the myths about our business.

’12 Portraits’, our film referred to by Mr. Miliband, challenges these misconceptions. It features a sample of unpaid and unscripted people who value and use our service responsibly – representative of our million-plus customers who see us as a mainstream, flexible and transparent alternative to traditional short-term credit.

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Views from our customers

Every month we collect the views of thousands of our customers to help us improve our service. While 90% of those who use Wonga say they’d recommend us to a friend, we know we don’t always get it right. Here are some of their unedited opinions – good and bad - from this month’s customer care survey.

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