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A new shade of grey

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For those who are wondering why OpenWonga has taken on a Newcastle United theme, we are celebrating the start of our four-year sponsorship deal with the Magpies.

The club has unveiled next season’s away shirt and we are also taking another step in our pledge to hand back the stadium to the fans.

Having re-instated the St James’ Park signs outside the ground last October, Newcastle fans will now be reunited with another familiar sight at the start of coming season.

We teamed up with ex-England playmaker and club legend Peter Beardsley, who donned decorator’s overalls to help a Wonga and NUFC painting crew return the famous Gallowgate End to its former glory.

The giant stand roof is being returned to its original grey and will replace the existing Sports Direct logo, which has spanned the space since the stadium was renamed the Sports Direct Arena in 2011.

Peter said: “It was always a privilege to play in front of the Gallowgate. It’s one of the most famous stands in the country – if not in world football – so it’s great to see it being put back to its original state.

“It’s a fantastic gesture from our new sponsors. I’m sure it’s something which will be really appreciated by our supporters.”

Errol, our founder and CEO, added: “This moment is all about our commitment to the fans. When we restored St James’ Park to its original name, we said we’d return some traditions to them. This is another symbolic part of that promise and we’ve got more in store.

“Beyond the stadium naming, we’re building our sponsorship up with real investment in the club, the Academy and the local community.”

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