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Wonga advertising: the facts

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Earlier today we were asked by BBC Radio 5 Live to provide a statement in response to comments made by Martin Lewis about the nature and intentions of our advertising. The statement is as follows:

The implication by Martin Lewis that our advertising sets out to ‘groom’ children as the next generation of customers is inappropriate, offensive and - above all - inaccurate. While he has not referenced Wonga directly in his recent comments, he clearly intended to establish Wonga in the public’s mind when citing ‘cute puppets’.

The fact is that Wonga has always had a strict advertising policy. We never place commercials on television channels dedicated to children and our commercials are regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority. The opening of every single Wonga TV advert makes it clear that our service is only available to adults aged 18 and over. Our media-buying partners, as well as the TV channels themselves, have consistently been given clear instructions regarding our policy.

While of course we want our adverts to be memorable, at no stage in the development of our creative approach have we ever tried to appeal to children.

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