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Over the past week there have been a couple of misleading articles about Wonga “offering” loans to teenagers, following a limited direct marketing campaign we recently ran.

We have a long-standing policy not to market to children, as clearly set out on OpenWonga, and as a responsible lender our policy is to never lend to anyone under 18. We have one of the most sophisticated risk-decision processes in the industry, which crunches thousands of pieces of data for every loan application, including numerous checks on an applicant’s date of birth.

For this particular mailshot we took rigorous precautions to only write to people aged 18 and over, including checks against the electoral roll. We always ensure we contact people who have opted to receive this type of communication, via a third party online survey.

However, there have been a few instances where these surveys were filled out in the names of people under 18, but whose ages were incorrectly given as over 18. We have removed their details from our database so they don’t receive any mail from us in the future.

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