These products might be transparent with how much you need to pay back, but surely you quickly get into trouble if you don’t pay back on time?

We work hard to make sure we try to only lend to those who can repay, but having now processed millions of applications, it’s always possible to find examples where we unfortunately haven’t got it right, or someone’s circumstances have changed.

If things go wrong, we always try to contact the customer via our in-house collections team and usually try to draw up a repayment plan. We have also set up a dedicated hardship team to offer any help we can to people experiencing serious financial difficulties.

Finally, if we can’t contact someone or agree a sensible repayment plan, our policy is to freeze all balances after a maximum of 60 days from the agreed repayment date. This is a safeguard to ensure a relatively modest balance can never spiral endlessly out of control.

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to