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Wonga letter

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Over the past week there have been a couple of misleading articles about Wonga “offering” loans to teenagers, following a limited direct marketing campaign we recently ran.

We have a long-standing policy not to market to children, as clearly set out on OpenWonga, and as a responsible lender we never lend to anyone under 18. We have one of the most sophisticated risk-decision processes in the industry, which crunches thousands of pieces of data for every loan application, including numerous checks on an applicant’s date of birth.

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Wonga Group announces management changes

We have put the following announcement out today regarding management changes at Wonga, reflecting the ongoing expansion of the business and preparing for the next stage of growth.

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Wonga advertising: the facts

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Earlier today we were asked by BBC Radio 5 Live to provide a statement in response to comments made by Martin Lewis about the nature and intentions of our advertising.

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Wonga economy

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We don’t accept the picture of Wonga and our customers painted by Ed Miliband today, which rehashes many of the myths about our business.

’12 Portraits’, our film referred to by Mr....

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Wonga clicks with BillPay

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of BillPay, one of the leading online payment and financing platforms in German-speaking countries.

The acquisition significantly accelerates Wonga’s...

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