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Our action against fraud

Recent research by Financial Fraud Action revealed UK online banking fraud rose by 12% in 2012, to £39.6m, and card fraud jumped by 14% to £388m.

People are increasingly being tricked into parting with their cards, PINs and passwords and identity theft poses a continued threat to consumers and all online businesses.

Fraud affects us too, just as it does all finance providers, and we are continually making concerted efforts to combat this sophisticated criminal activity.

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Response by Editor Published: Categories: Wonga Fraud

BBC Breakfast and Watchdog

Date article publshed: 01/05/2013 Read original article >

In light of recent features on BBC Breakfast and Watchdog (1st May) about online fraud, we thought it worth highlighting the action we take in dealing with this finance industry issue.

We covered fraud in some detail last month in a post here on OpenWonga, alongside clear guidelines on the steps people should take if they are affected.

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Response by Editor Published: Categories: Wonga Fraud

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