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As one of the most high-profile businesses in the finance sector, we attract a broad range of views on what we do. Here's our factual take on some of the hot topics involving Wonga.

International expansion

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On 28th January 2013 the BBC published a wide-ranging and balanced article about Wonga’s international expansion plans.

The piece talks about Wonga setting up in regions such as South Africa and Canada, whilst also speculating about further potential markets.

The article then discusses the development of our other services, such as Wonga for Business and PayLater, and explores the array of publicity surrounding Wonga.

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In the news

There has been plenty more coverage about Wonga again over the last week or so, following the publication of our annual results.

This was the first time we announced our results to the media, despite no requirement to do so, in keeping with our values of being open and transparent.

As ever there were plenty of opinions about the business and the role it plays in the financial landscape, with well over a hundred articles and plenty of social media discussion. Here’s a summary of the main pieces and our take on some of them.

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Wonga clicks with BillPay

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of BillPay, one of the leading online payment and financing platforms in German-speaking countries.

The acquisition significantly accelerates Wonga’s development into a broad-based, digital finance group and will also speed the development of its PayLater online retail product, together with the company’s international expansion.

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