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Every month we collect the views of thousands of our customers to help us improve our service. While 90% of those who use Wonga say they’d recommend us to a friend, we know we don’t always get it right. Here are some of their unedited opinions – good and bad - from this month’s customer care survey.

“Clear what you’re paying and when. As long as you can make the payment there's no problem.”

“I think Wonga should lower their interest and they would be the company everyone uses when needing a loan.”

“No silly answer machines passing you around or saying "press 1 to speak to blah."

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I corresponded both via email and phone, and anything I didn't understand or wanted to ask was taken seriously. I felt confident that this was a safe and secure way to get a loan.”

“Flexible lending is really helpful. Knowing how much to repay and when is great and all of the reminders are a massive help.”

“I’m disappointed with Wonga’s £30 late payment fee. As a result, Wonga has gone down in my estimation.”

“As a valued customer I think I should receive some sort of loyalty bonus such as reduced rates.”

“I have on rare occasions needed a little more money than the original agreed loan - say an extra £20 for gas or electricity, but it's been impossible to add funds to the agreed loan amount after it has been processed.”

“I have never had a problem with Wonga. They do not bombard with emails and texts. They leave you alone so long as you stick to the agreement.”

“Loans over a longer period would be a good idea.”

“Wonga helps me a lot especially when I have things that need to be bought early so I can take advantage of it now rather than wait. Banks are not interested in short/medium or even long term lending so Wonga suits me fine.”

“I've always paid before my due date yet I'm refused a loan sometimes when my balance is £0.”

“I didn't expect to be treated so sympathetically as payday loan companies do not have a very good reputation.”

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